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Shihori Kato


I am Shihori Kato from Japan.What started my “egg life” was a trip to Hawaii in 1997. I was moved by the many beautiful decorated eggs that were displyed in the shopping mall. After returning to Japan, I began creating eggs through trial and error. In 1999, I participated in the Portland Egg Show for the first time and one of my eggs was chosen as Best of Show. Ⅰ have been to 30 shows and enjoy sharing my ideas and exchanging information with eggers.

I started the IEAG Masters Program to improve my skills. It took 5 years to achieve 9 categories and be recognized as a Grandmaster. The 9 categories are: Filigree, Hand-Painted, Bas Relief, Decoupage, Diorama, Pysanky, Carved/Sculpted, Diorama, Beaded/Jeweled, and Scratched.What I learned was that not only did I improve my skills, but I also became interested in various fields as well as gaining more knowledge. I am sure that the Master Artisan Pathway “MAP” will make your egg more valuable! In Japan, there are many traditional craft techniques which ranks among importance in the world. I am learning one of them for decorating eggs. I look forward to showing and sharing with you at an egg show.

Shihori Kato
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