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Painted Easter Eggs
Master Artisan Pathway- "MAP"
Master Artisan Pathway
Junior MAP Pathway Information and Application for ages under 18. A parent/guardian must be a Member of EAI for entry.

Thank you for deciding to take part in the Junior MAP. We are looking forward to seeing your eggs. You can choose to use any size of egg and any style of work to show us. You may need to get some help to take the photos of your egg as we’ll need to look at it from different angles to see what a good job you’ve made of it. Don’t forget to tell us all about how you made it, especially if you actually made something to go in it or on it. We want to see just how clever you are.


Junior MAP Application 
Note: All fields marked with an asterisk * are required for the application to be accepted. Make sure to check for completeness. If you have problems or questions, please contact us.
Note: Only One Form per Entry. No more than 1 egg may be submitted in a 30-day period.
In-Person Judging Requested?
Which Level are you Entering?
Which Category? Choose ONE

Next In- Person judging will be at the Eastern Ohio Egg-n-Art Show Sat. 9-23-2023, 7-9 PM. A complete application is still required.

Tell Us:  How you made it, how long did it take, what did you enjoy the most, what was the hardest, what would you like to learn about?

Photo Submission Area

Please read the photo requirements carefully so as to not have your form rejected.

Submit the JPEG images as specified: You are required to submit a minimum of 6 photos as outlined below. If the egg opens an image of the inside must be added and labelled ‘inside’. If the egg has mechanical movement a video no longer than 10 seconds in length will be required. TOTAL MB allowed per application is 25MB.

 a. Name the images as follows: Front, Back, Left Side, Right Side, Top and Bottom.

 b. Photos must not be labelled with a name or show a name.

 c. The background must be plain white or plain black without glare.

 d. Take the pictures at eye level for the front, back and sides.

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File
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Upload File
By submitting this application and signing below, you the child's parent/guardian, confirm that all the work was caried out by your child and that the egg is his/her original design. You also agree to allow EAI to use submitted photos for the website, EAI social media sites and any publications.
* Wait for the message "Thanks for submitting....... as upload times vary.

Thanks for submitting your egg! We'll get back to you soon.

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