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Master Artisan Pathway- "MAP"

Important Notice: The MAP team had their semi-annual meeting, and a few updates were made to the program. There will no longer be two different pathways (accelerated and traditional). All entries will simply be judged using the same scale as always. Also, the Master Artisan and Supreme Master Artisan has been simplified. These updates are reflected below and will be effective April 1, 2024.



MAP is a program of assessment, education and acknowledgement (certification) which any member of EGG ART INTERNATIONAL can participate. All styles and levels of skill are encouraged to apply. The artist will have their work assessed and receive constructive criticism from our judges. Based on the scores/points received by two or more judges, the artist may receive a BRONZE (Advanced Beginner) certificate, SILVER (Intermediate Level) certificate or GOLD (Advanced Level) certificate.

The minimum score to obtain the following certificates are as follows: BRONZE -70 points, SILVER- 80 points, GOLD-90 points. The maximum score is 100 points.

By obtaining a GOLD certificate you will be allowed to use the title "ADVANCED LEVEL ARTISAN". Further achievements will be acknowledged by awarding the title "MASTER ARTISAN" after receiving six ‘GOLD’ level certificates in any combination of the same or different styles. The ultimate title of "SUPREME MASTER ARTISAN" will be awarded after obtaining ten ‘gold’ level certificates in any combination of the same or different styles.


The mission of the Master Artisan Pathway (MAP) is to raise the level of egg art to its highest form thru education, assessment and acknowledgement.


  • MAP is a way of being able to get help in perfecting a technique by having your work looked at by experienced judges who are being selected to help you to achieve your full potential.

  • MAP certification can be used as an aid to develop your career within egg art, either as a teacher or someone who sells their work to the public. A MAP certification can be displayed alongside your work or on your resumé giving added kudos to your status within the world of egg art.

  • MAP is a forward-looking program which will encompass all styles of egg art.



Judging will take place, almost exclusively, through photographic submissions, a widely acknowledged method. It is essential that you read the photo submission criteria provided below. However, some eggs require ‘in person’ assessment due to technique or difficulty in providing a clear image. Photos will still be required for ‘in person’ judging. Complete the online application form (one form per individual entry) and include a minimum of six photos of your entry, labelled front, back, left side, right side, top and bottom (additional photos showing the interior or other details can also be included.). All names should be removed from the photos and any signature on the egg should be covered over.  If you are unsure of the correct category to use or have any question, contact us.

Once a complete entry has been submitted our policy is to have a response in 29 days or less. Please note if an entry is submitted with out following the guidelines you will be asked to resubmit it.

DISQUALIFICATIONS: Eggs will be disqualified for the following reasons

  • Egg must be a real egg.

  • The egg is from a seminar or instruction kit.

  • The design is by another artist.

  • Vulgar or lewd eggs

  • Depiction of violence of any sort.


PREPARATION OF IMAGES FOR MAP JUDGING-Please read carefully so your entry will not be rejected.

A. Introduction: Preparation of images for digital competition is somewhat different to preparation for printing. See the Image Preparation steps required below. If you shoot in JPEG or start with a JPEG image (filename extension .jpg) to create an image for submittal, you should always start from the same original un-edited image to create that competition image. Every time you edit a JPEG image and store it, you lose detail because of the file compression that is executed during the file storage process your computer executes. Keep a copy of the original JPEG file in a safe place (another folder or hard disk) where it will not be altered as you edit the working copy for competition.

B. Image Preparation: All items below are mandatory for images you submit.

1. Sharpen the images to taste if your image editing software supports sharpening and you wish to do so.

2. Save the images in JPEG format limiting file size to 2 MB and using the naming specified below.

3. Submit the JPEG images only as specified: You are required to submit a minimum of 6 photos as outlined below. If the egg opens an image of the inside must be added and labelled ‘inside’. If the egg has mechanical movement a video no longer than 10 seconds in length will be required. TOTAL MB allowed per application is 25MB.

 a. Name the file images as follows: Front, Back, Left Side, Right Side, Top and Bottom.

 b. Photos must not be labelled with a name or show a name.

 c. The background must be plain white or plain black without glare.

 d. Take the pictures at eye level for the front, back and sides. The top photo must be taken from above looking straight down. The bottom photo must show the bottom of the art work. You will need to hold the piece up in order to obtain this view. Read the below tips.

Rev. 3-5-2024.Please note revisions will occur periodically. Egg Art is a changing art with new materials, styles, equipment etc. We reserve the right to update as needed to improve the program or reflect these changes. Always read thru all the information before submitting an egg to ensure you are in compliance with any changes.

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