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Our Story

Egg Art International-Our Story -It is time for a new beginning and new name!

On January 25, 2023, Egg Art International was founded by Dr. Leslie Lisdell and Co-Founders Linda Martin and Kathy Hamilton. Dr. Lisdell, a physician by trade, had collected egg (shell) art for many years and started her own exploration into this beautiful art form in 2016. She was joined by Linda Martin, owner of Linda Martin Egg Art Designs and Kathy Hamilton, owner of the Eggery Place, to make this idea a reality. Our goal is to create an international organization dedicated to promoting egg (shell) art thru outreach, education, scholarship and promotion. As part of this goal, Dr. Lisdell built this organization's website which is the world's largest and most comprehensive information and educational hub for all things pertaining to egg decorating or egg art.


What is egg art?  It is the art or craft of decorating eggs. Some people call it egg decorating and some call it egg art. Egg art is a form of creative self-expression that involves decorating eggs with various materials, techniques, and themes. The art of decorating eggs has evolved into something separate from religious rituals, proving to be a new form of creative expression. Artists today are taking the art of decorating eggs to the next level.  There are so many different styles of egg art. More common styles include pysanky, batik, carving, Fabergé style, etching and more. It is amazing there are so many different ways to make an ordinary eggshell into an exquisite piece of art!

Our team has already made great progress and we have lots of exciting plans in the works. We are adding new content almost daily. Make sure to visit the Resources section where you will find suppliers, books, videos, show dates, teachers, helpful hints, patterns and more to make your own decorated eggs. From children to advanced artists there is something for everyone to enjoy and learn.



Egg Art International- Our Purpose
Egg Art International Vision to bring this art to children

The MISSION of our organization, Egg Art International, is to promote all types of egg art worldwide, raise the quality of the art to the highest level, and develop public interest in the art through education, exhibition, scholarships and sharing. We are committed to supporting all styles of egg artists regardless of their financial capability. As such, we do not charge for membership or the Master Artisan Pathway. We strive to make this website a source for all to learn and benefit from. Please consider donating today so that we may continue on this important mission.

Our VISION at Egg Art International, is to bring awareness of all styles of egg art into current and future generations throughout the world. We seek to encourage new artists, young and old, thru education, fostering and promotion. We are currently setting up programs to introduce egg art into schools as well as other places. So many exciting things are being developed!

Egg Art International, is committed to making sure your privacy is protected. We do not sell membership lists or emails and all information is strictly confidential.
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