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 Become a Member and Membership Benefits 

PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU HAVE EVER RECEIVED AN EMAIL FROM US OR SUBMITTED A FORM YOUR EMAIL IS IN THE SYSTEM ALREADY, SO JUST LOGIN above. YOU MAY NEED TO RESET YOUR PASSWORD IF FORGOTTEN. If you try to fill out the membership form you will likely receive a warning "a member with this email already exists........ You can either use a different email (not recommended) or better yet just go to the Log In bar above. Contact us if any problems and we will help you.

Member's Benefits 2024

  1. Supplier Discounts - Use discount coupon code ______ where you see the RED STAR    There are several SUPPLIERS who offer this discount. This discount code will be supplied to you once you are approved.

  2.  Sell Your Egg Art. Members receive a 50% discount on listing fees.

  3.  Quarterly E- Newsletter. You may also receive emails with special offers, announcements, news and patterns.

  4.  Master Artisan Pathway (MAP). Participate in this program of assessment, learning and acknowledgement that allows for more artistic freedom and access worldwide. This program leads to the ultimate certification as a Master Artisan.

  5. Promote your work. You will be able to receive special promotion thru the "Egg of the Month" program. This is a program thru our Facebook Gallery group called " Egg Art International Gallery". The top three or more most liked eggs each month will receive a certificate, promotion thru the blog, Pinterest, Instagram Twitter and our Facebook International News and Events page. These eggs will also be placed on our website gallery. At the end of the year, these eggs are featured in our annual fundraising magazine called "Incredible Eggs of .........". Take a look at this magazine as it is beautiful!

  6. Engage with fellow egg artists.

  7. Stay Informed- You will be notified of all important matters regarding the organization and have the ability to weigh in on such matters.

  8. Become a Red Star Supplier.

  9. Teach - list yourself as a teacher

  10. Access to the Member Only areas. Don't forget to go to the LOGIN bar at the top of the HOME PAGE.

  11. Free Patterns and Helpful Hints


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