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Egg Art Groups
  1. Arkansas Egg Art Guild

  2. Art of the Egg Shell Experience

  3. Aussie Egg Shell Carvers Bright Ideas

  4. Aussie Egg Shell Carvers

  5. Beyond the Hatchery

  6. Brisbane Eggshell Artists

  7. Carving Eggs

  8. Destash Egging Supplies

  9. Egg Art Club of Malta

  10. Egg Art Guild of Georgia

  11. Egg Art International Gallery (EAI Group page)

  12. Egg Art of Painting Sculpture

  13. Egg Artistry Guild of Australia Inc

  14. Egg Artistry Life

  15. Egg Artists of Puget Sound

  16. Egg Art World

  17. Egg Bot Art Gallery

  18. Egg Carving Russia

  19. Eggs and Things by Lorrie Popow-Pysanky Batik Filigree Carved Decoupage

  20. Eggers Egg- Bot Group

  21. Eggs Original Egg Art Show & Sales

  22. Eierlei -Egging events

  23. For the Love of Pysanky

  24. Houston Egg Art Guild

  25. IEAF International Egg Artist Family

  26. Incredible Eggs Pysanky and Batik

  27. International Egg Art Gallery (old name, new name is Egg Art International Gallery)

  28. International Egg Art News and Events 

  29. Jennifer Domal Studios: Pysanky and Batik Egg Art

  30. Kyung's Egg Art

  31. Laura J Schiller Originals (Egg Art/Polymer Clay)

  32. Lew Jensen

  33. Linda Martin Egg Designs Group

  34. Natural Dyes for Pysanky and Batik

  35. New England Egg Art Guild 

  36. New Zealand Egg Art Foundation

  37. Northern California Eggstravaganza

  38. Ohio Egg N Art Show

  39. Ohio Egg Artists Guild

  40. Openwork Carved Easter Eggs

  41. Pysanky By So Jeo: The Fine Art of Batik Eggs

  42. Pysanky for Ukraine

  43. Pysanky on the River

  44. Pysanky USA

  45. Pysanky/Batik Eggs CANADA 

  46. Pysanky Japan

  47. Pysanky & Batik Egg New Zealand

  48. Polska Pisanka

  49. Stepha's Pysanky Egg Art

  50. Ukranian Easter Egg (Ukraine)

  51. Ukranian EggCessories' Eggers

  52. Victorian Egg Artists Guild

  53. Washington Decorated Egg Show

  54. World Egg Artists Association

  55. 0909 World Egg Art Day

Other Groups of Interest
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