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Jovica Mirosavic

EAI Representative for Serbia

My passion for this beautiful and delicate art began 13 years ago with my first encounter. It was love at first sight when I saw artistically carved eggshells. Besides my love for carving, I also greatly enjoy creating new clichés for my works. I find inspiration mostly in nature and its diverse variations. Additionally, I love to share my knowledge and skills with aspiring artists or those looking to improve in this field. I've managed to devise and realize the production of a special tool, of which I am very proud, greatly facilitating work and which was a dream of mine when I began my artistic career. I enjoy incorporating special lighting into my carved sculptures, which further emphasizes the work and adds a new dimension and effect to my artistic expression.

When carving my pieces, my aim is to infuse them with a serene and beautiful energy that, upon completion, transports the viewer into an extraordinary world of harmony, calming and relaxing them, inducing a meditative state of mind. I love challenges, constantly striving for improvement, and reaching towards new creative horizons

Jovica Mirosavic
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