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The Master Artisan Pathway Eggshell Art Categories are Here! More Detailed Information Coming Soon!

Your pathway to becoming a Master Artisan is here!
  1. Artist's Choice

  2. Acid Etched

  3. Applied Wax

  4. Beaded and/or Jeweled

  5. Carved

  6. Decoupage

  7. Diorama

  8. Hand Painted

  9. Intricately Cut

  10. Mechanical

  11. Miniature

  12. Mixed Media

  13. Novelty

  14. Paper Sculpture

  15. Pysanky/ Batik

  16. Scratch Carving

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Membro sconosciuto
02 apr 2023

This is exciting news for ALL egg artists working in so many different styles of egg artistry!

Mi piace
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