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Meet Brian Baity, artist and MAP judge!

I would like to introduce you to one of our members, Brian Baity. Brian is also one of our very qualified MAP judges.

I met Brian many years ago at the Washington Egg Show. He is one of those people that the moment you meet him, you know you want to be friends with him. Being a friend with Brian means you have a friend for life. I am thankful for the friendship Brian and I have.

Brian is very talented! His talent is not limited to egg art. He is a fantastic, creative jewelry maker. He is a photographer too! Once you see the photographs he takes you will be in awe!

Let’s talk about Brian’s egg art! WOW! The talent Brian has in unbelievable. He has carved a goose egg that was laid with a goose egg inside a goose egg. I had never heard of such until chatting with Brian. His talent will amaze and inspire you. He has been invited to Bulgaria to show his eggs many times.

Brian loves to share his knowledge and help people grow. He gets excited watching people carve for the first time. He loves sharing his knowledge and talent with others.

Head over to the Our Team tab and look at Brian’s bio! (Will be updated soon). Trust me, you will be impressed! Want to see some of his work? Check out his Facebook page: Brian Baity Studios.

We are very blessed to have Brian join Egg Art International, and the MAP!

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Unknown member
Apr 28, 2023

Fantastic news getting Brian on board! Watching him teach beginners at a show in Dallas, I felt that all teachers should be made to sit in on his classes and learn from the way he is able to inspire and encourage people. Teaching is a skill that not everyone possesses no matter how good their egg art skills are. Brian has both abilities and moves with ease from one to the other. Welcome to Egg Art International Brian!

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