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Announcing May's Top Three Eggs of the Month!

EAI's Facebook page "International Egg Art Gallery" had quite a month with hundreds of eggs submitted. The artist's beautiful eggs are amazing and inspirational. The top three most liked eggs were the following: Raisa Ramanenia (Раиса Раманения) from Belarus, Justyna Golen from Poland and Marlein Brouns-Luijten from the Netherlands. An honorable mention is Thuy Tweesanky Robinson from New Zealand who came in an incredibly close 4th place. The top three eggs will be posted on Egg Art International Gallery soon. Congratulations!

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Jun 02, 2023

The May Eggs of the Month show just how much talent there is amongst our members from around the world. It always amazes me just how many different techniques can be used in egg art. When I hear people say 'Oh it's too difficult for me' or 'I'd never be able to do that', just look around at what our artists are doing. No matter how little experience you have and how little knowledge you have, there will always be something that will inspire you to have a go. So sign up for full membership and show us some of your work on your member profile. You could be the person who inspires someone to get started!

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