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Leslie Lisdell M.D., USA

June 4, 2024
Leslie Lisdell M.D., USA

Silver Award

Button Quail

"Sweet and Stinky" is an original design of mine. This miniature is made from a button quail egg (hydrangea). The tiny egg was filed with resin and painted for strength.

The 90 hydrangeas blossoms were individually cut out from a tissue type paper, different blue and purple chalks were blended on the tops and bottoms of each. The top and bottom of each blossom was then covered with dilute glossy modge podge. Blue king art pens were used to make highlights on the inside. Each petal of each blossom was pressed into a foam pad to give them shape.3ss flatbacks were placed in the center of each. A total of 87 blossoms were placed on the button quail egg to make the hydrangea.

The leaves: Cold porcelain, tinted green, was rolled out extremely thin. I used real hydrangea leaves taken from an immature bud to get the best size of a teardrop cutter and 4 sizes were used. I cut out 4 leaves of each size. After cutting out the leaf, I pressed a real hydrangea leaf on top to give it authentic markings. Using a high-speed drill, I thinned the edges and then cut a wave pattern to each edge all around the leaf. This was done to give a lifelike edge to the leaves. Stems were attached and the leaves were painted gold. The second coat was Pebeo vitrail chartreuse. The final coat was a mixture of Pebeo lightening medium and 2 drops dk green vitrail.

Baby Skunk: I sculpted this from polymer clay. It was then painted. Fur was added last.

Butterflies: the butterflies were from a kit. I completely repainted them with different colors of paint pens. Tiny drops of black paint were used for the head and body. The wings were cut and bent. Antennae were added. They were coated with cerakote and attached to various places on the base.

Base: a vintage Corian base was used. Unfortunately, there were a few chips which I chose to not repair as it would not look right.

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