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John Drlik-Mead

March 4, 2024
John Drlik-Mead

Gold Award

Intricately Cut

Authentic Ostrich Egg, with an original abstract spiral cut design, showcasing the intricately carved Giraffe Stippled Lattice design. The egg top and bottom are accented with a circular area that is stippled. A portion of the spiral cutout is stippled and mounted to the egg design bottom, appearing to seemingly float in supporting the egg. The egg is supported by a smokey translucent Flame-Glass cylinder and Mounted to a 4”x4”x2” Black Onyx Marble base. The egg was finished with 3 coats of Shop-Line 2x matte automobile clear coat finish.

Due to the dark base & glass cylinder color, a neutral background color was used in the pictures to profile the art piece detail in its entirety.

I used the SCM 400XS High Speed carver, with a variety of burrs, (surgical fissure, and other carbide burrs, diamond burrs).

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