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Ingrid Wiese

EAI Representative for Germany

In 1995, in connection with my company, I founded the Thükop e.V. association (cooperation partner for the development of network structures in rural Thuringia). Here we took in people who for some reason needed help. With our projects we gave a task and promoted the self-confidence of the members. Our main project is the “Osterpfad – Vogtland” project. Together with 10 other places from our Vogtland, we designed Easter decorations and exhibitions that began a week before Easter and ended a week after Easter. In 2010, the name "Osterpfad - Vogtland" was decided with all member places from our region "Vogtland" and the cultivation of Easter customs intensified. The organization office of the Easter Path is in Berga/Elster, the main location of the Easter Path - Vogtland. At 6 exhibition locations in our small town you can admire many themes in the Easter garden of our association, in the local museum, in the church, in the park in front of the town hall, the decorated town hall and a large Easter exhibition in the clubhouse. The most beautiful hand-painted natural eggs from all of the locations on the Easter trail, and in particular the Christian Easter story, are presented. A bazaar including Easter café and cultural program with the clubs of our city delight many visitors every year. A total of around 50,000 hand-painted natural and artificial eggs can be admired in our city. For 2 years we have been offering small courses with music and café in our show workshop for children, adults and disabled people. We have a small music group in the club.

The member locations of the Osterpfad – Vogtland meet twice a year to clarify the content of their exhibitions and organizational issues. The special features of the member locations are integrated into the respective locations. Our program is shown on our website, as well as a video showing all the Easter Path locations. We will soon start an advertising campaign with our book "Easter Path - Vogtland - Spring Awakening in the Beautiful Vogtland". We are happy to answer questions and registrations via our mail:

Ingrid Wiese
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