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Dr. Leslie Lisdell

Founder, EAI President, Web Designer

Hello Everyone!

I have always loved eggshell art and have collected eggs for many years. A few years ago, I took a class at the Dallas Egg Art Show by Linda Martin. My daughter had graduated, and I had cut back on working full time as an Emergency Room physician so I finally had time to try something new.This was my first attempt at egg art and I did not even know what a rhea egg was! After the class, I started designing and making eggs. I participated in the old IEAG master program and passed the novice and intermediate diorama levels as well as the novice filigree level. Last Fall, after learning the IEAG was almost nonexistent, I formed the Arkansas Egg Art Guild. I then built the old IEAG , at their request, a new website as theirs had been taken down. That website was launched in January 2023, and is now the website for Egg Art International. I am so proud of all our team has accomplished in such a short time!

Dr. Leslie Lisdell
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