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Susan Shipka L.P.N

Egg of the Month Coordinator

As nurse of 38 years, working in the Boston area, I love a good challenge.

I went to Sophie Chetwynds house with my mom after she saw Sophie on Boston’s Chronicle which featured her egg art (TV). I was hooked! I’ve been doing eggshell art for over 20 years and found my eclectic style. I love learning, sharing, and teaching the tips and tricks of egg art.

As part of the New England Egg Art Guild for years, president for one year, I didn’t see new members coming to sharing our passion. Also, when we retired in Maine, nobody had even heard about this fantastic art. I’ve been on a mission to get the word out ever since.

I also own Crafters Choice LLC which sells egg art supplies.

I’m so happy to have been invited to join the EAI team and looking forward to starting “Egg Art of the Northeast” – stay tuned!

Susan Shipka L.P.N
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