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Page Davies, USA

October 9, 2023
Page Davies, USA

Bronze Award

Acid Etching

I love turtles and seahorses, so that is what inspired this egg. It's a blown brown chicken egg, outlined the seahorses and turtles while it was brown. Washed back, 6% vinegar etched to white, waxed the wave outline, dots around and inside seahorse eyes, then a little v on her fin tips front and back. Dyed key lime and filled in turtle head, flippers and shell details. Dipped in brook blue filled in the remaining turtle shell details, dipped in blue blazes and filled in the seahorse details, drew the kelp outlines and filled in the waves. Washed back and etched in vinegar to white. painted in the red, waxed the red, painted in kelp with Christmas green. Dipped in marigold and waxed over. Washed back and finally in aquamarine for the side band. The finish is Minwax spar urethane. I dipped the egg in the can with a bamboo skewer and let it dry overnight.

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